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    Multi-Disciplinary Psychological Practice

    Multi-Disciplinary Psychological Practice

    Delivering effective clinical assessments, intervention training services at low costs.


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    Autism Services

    Autism Services

    Our services include diagnostic assessments and consultations for children, adolescents and adults.

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Multi-Disciplinary Psychological Practice

Assessment and service details

Robust psychological assessment is key to informing any intervention proposed for an individual. MKayD services can fulfil this essential aspect of therapeutic work by providing licensed assessment experts with a repertoire of psychological assessment tools.

We can work with individuals, carers, other providers and commissioners to conduct comprehensive and individualised assessments that will lead to valid and reliable formulations and reports. Identification and recognition of the underpinning psychological difficulties that an individual may be experiencing is the first step on the road to recovery.

Our registered Psychologists can deliver assessments and interventions for wide ranging mental health conditions including PTSD, anxiety, psychosis, borderline personality disorder, autism spectrum disorder and OCD

  • The use of standardised and industry-recognised psychometric tests
  • Clinical formulation, confirmation of diagnoses, and identification of any co-existing minor or major psychological and/or psychiatric disorders
  • Identification and functional analysis of behaviour that challenges
  • Intellectual Functioning Assessments
  • Comprehensive Personality and Adaptive/ Social Skills Functioning
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Psychopathology Assessments
  • Specific offence related assessments e.g. Fire Setting / Sex Offence or Offending Behaviour
  • Mental Capacity Assessments

Formulating Treatment Plans

Once assessments have been made, the information can be used to develop robust and effective treatment plans for individuals. We would look to support the individual and their service through collaborative working to ensure that the best interventions are delivered effectively.

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